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North Wootton Community School

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Science Week in Pine Class - Monday, 17th October


Pine class were very excited to receive a message from the Octopize character from Toys in Space today. He asked for their help as his tractor beam was broken and he needed to return the lost toys.  They decided to try to build a rocket to help the Octopize and will use their junk modelling materials. As the first part of their science investigation they grouped the objects by identifying the material they were made from. They also worked democratically in groups, electing a group leader.

As the second part of their investigation, the class learnt about the properties of different materials and how paper and plastic are made. In their groups they then came up with a list of properties to describe their material. As a class we decided which properties were most important for a rocket. They finally settled on waterproof, fireproof, light, hard and bendy.

As the final part of today's science, the groups then tested the materials for the properties they need in a rocket. They worked in groups, observing carefully and recording their findings. We collected together all the information and have decided to use a combination of metal and plastic to build rockets tomorrow. The whole class showed excellent team-work and co-operation. We cannot wait to start building them tomorrow. We may even receive another message from space ...

Please click HERE to see some more of our photos from today!