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North Wootton Community School

Aspire... Achieve... Amaze

The launch of Science Week in Year 1


Pine class were very excited this morning to all receive a personal letter from a Boy. It explained that he had lost his stars and needed help to find them. The pairs read their letters independently and then decided how they were going to answer his question - they wanted to go in a star hunt in the school grounds. They also made a link with our new book - How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers- and thought it might be a letter from him.

They showed great teamwork and consideration when searching for stars around the school grounds. They observed carefully and shared their finds with other pairs who had found less. When they returned to the classroom they made brief notes and maps as initial recordings of what they had found.

They suggested their own ideas for recording what they had found this morning. As well as drawing and labelling maps of the school grounds and making salt dough stars, they suggested: Writing a story about what they had done (Evie); creating a Lego 3D model of the school grounds (William); and writing a list of where they found them (Jacob).

In the afternoon session they learnt about stars and constellations and constructed their own pinprick telescope. They also researched the stars on iPads and have written their own list of questions which they want to answer. These will be the basis for our learning this week.

Please click HERE to see more photos from Pine Class.