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North Wootton Community School

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Year 1- Visit to Tesco - Harvest Festival Celebration Trail - Monday, 3rd October 2016


We are looking forward to taking children in Year 1 for a visit to Tesco, Hardwick, on Monday, 3rd October to take part in their Harvest Festival Celebration Trail.

We have planned to be at Tesco for two hours and during this time the children will take part in the following activities:

Amazing Autumn - an activity based around the four seasons, celebrating when different fruits and vegetables come into season, and those currently in harvest.

Wonderful Wheat - the children will discover how flour is made, how it is linked to harvest, and they will get to taste a range of different breads.

Perfect Presentation - this activity will be based around what happens to food if it is left unpreserved, how we can prevent this and the use of freezers.

Cheeky Chutneys - the final activity will focus on pickling as a method of preservation and the children can try some pickled products if they would like to.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to find out more about food and we are looking forward to this visit.

We have successfully applied to Tesco for a grant to cover the transport cost, and their Harvest Festival Celebration Trail is free so there is no change for this visit.

Children in Year 1 have been divided into two groups, the first travelling by coach to Tesco straight after morning registration, returning in time for lunch.

The second group will leave school straight after lunch and will return to school for the end of the school day.

If any parents would like to join us on this visit then your help would be much appreciated. However, sometimes we do get too many offers than we need so volunteers will be confirmed on Friday afternoon.

We would ask that volunteers spend the whole day in school with us as we have arranged some activities linked to Harvest to take place before/after the visit.v Please indicate on the link below if you are able to help, we would love to hear from you.

If you have any queries or questions then please don't hesitate to contact the school office, or email

Please click HERE to give your consent for your child to take part in this visit.