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North Wootton Community School

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Absence Reporting

Please click HERE to advise us of your child's absence.

Daily checks are in place to ensure the safety of our children so please make sure that we are informed   before the start of the school day if you expect your child to be absent or late. You can  inform us by phone, or via the link below at any time of the day (or night!).

All parents of children absent from school without explanation will be  contacted so it is important that we are informed in such instances.

Children are expected to be in their classes ready for registration at 8:55 a.m. Any child arriving after this time will be officially marked as ‘Late’. Any ’Lates’ will be classed as un-authorised absence and will be followed up with parents should this become a persistent problem.

Parents have an obligation to ensure their child attends school  regularly, and on time. Please bear in mind the effect being late has not only on your own child, but the negative impact such disruption can cause on your child’s class too. If a child is 10 minutes late every school day they will miss a staggering 5 days of school over a year!

Please click HERE to advise us of your child's absence.