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North Wootton Community School

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Snacks at Break Time

Many of you will be aware of the Government’s determination to encourage healthy eating in schools. Over the years we have taken steps to comply with this and have  adopted the following:

Reception & KS1 Children will only be able to eat the free fruit and vegetables provided by the school (as part of the SFVS Scheme) during their morning snack. They will not be able to purchase snacks from the Kitchen or bring in morning snacks from home.

 KS2 children will only be permitted to bring in fruit for their morning snack. However they will be allowed to purchase a fruit snack from the kitchen if they choose.

KS2 children will only have access to fresh water for their lunchtime drink (as in KS1). Kitchen staff will not be selling flavoured water as part of the lunchtime menu. Milk will be available as an alternative to water for children in Reception and KS1.

 As a school we believe that these steps will have a positive benefit on our pupil’s health and well-being.