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Diana Inclusion Award Badge

Diana Award Inclusion Badge

North Wootton Academy has been awarded the Diana Award Inclusion Badge, formerly known as the Respect badge, with their Anti-Bullying Ambassadors leading the way across the school and community to champion diversity and inclusion and promoting equal rights for the nine protected characteristics.    

They were particularly commended for demonstrating: 

  1. A passion for restorative justice and the importance of having these conversations in relation to being an up stander against all types of bullying behaviour using scenarios to model appropriate responses. 

  1. A dedication to underrepresented communities such as refugees and also, a celebration of different heritages. 

  1. Creativity, through different mediums, such as books, presentations, events and competitions which touch diverse backgrounds and communities. 

  1. Inclusivity and respect for others, including their differences, and advocating for diversity. Odd Socks day and Open-mindedness Day are examples of this.