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North Wootton Academy is committed to serving our community and surrounding areas. We recognise the changing nature of the United Kingdom and the developing multi-cultural, multi-faith society in which we live. 

We ensure that through our school vision, ethos, curriculum and teaching we promote the British Values of Democracy, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs in order to prepare our children for life in modern Britain. 


  • Children receive a broad and balanced curriculum that teaches elements of democracy, civic responsibility, rules and laws, equality, values and virtues, environmental awareness and understanding of other faiths. 

  • Children are involved in voting for a School Parliament. 

  • Classes debate issues that are then fed back to our School Parliament. 

  • They raise money for local and national charities. 

  • They make decisions on classroom changes through voting demonstrating 
    Respect, Tolerance and Understanding. 

Year 5/6 Visit to the Houses of Parliament


The Rule of Law 

  • The Positive Behaviour Policy lays down clear expectations for the conduct of pupils. These are understood by all stakeholders. 

  • Pupils decide on classroom rules through discussion. 

  • They understand the need for rules in school and society from PSHE lessons. 

  • Through PHSE, school assemblies and circle time pupils are taught how to earn trust; they are guided to develop a strong sense of right and wrong, and guided to do the right thing even when it might be difficult. 

  • Our children have been trained in Restorative Justice to minimise behavioural issues and prevent them from becoming bigger issues. 
    Respect, cooperation and courage. 


Individual Liberty 

  • An understanding of civil liberty is developed through pupils making choices, in a safe and supportive environment. 

  • Pupil choice influences the curriculum and all aspects of school life 

  • Achievements are celebrated in assemblies, in newsletters and on displays 

  • Pupils have key roles and responsibilities in pupil-led committees such as Eco Warrior.s 
    Respect, courage 

  • Tolerance of those different faiths and beliefs 

  • Our Literacy Curriculum across the whole school - in both reading and writing - has been adapted to include more books about Diversity. These books stimulate debate and discussion as well as provide a focus for written work. We actively encourage our children to think critically and reflect upon their role in society.
  • Cultural theme weeks take place in school e.g. Diwali, Ramadam. 

  • Our R.E Curriculum provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths, religions and cultures and we welcome representatives into school. 

  • We actively use school resources to promote the learning and integration of our EAL pupils into our school community. 

  • We study similarities and differences - Mutual respect and understanding 

  • We have an annual Heritage Day to celebrate all backgrounds. 

  • We have an annual open-mindedness day - a day where you should be able to wear whatever you want without fear of comment or concern.

  • Teaching takes account of individual learning styles of all pupils. 

North Wootton Academy has been awarded the Diana Award Inclusion Badge, formerly known as the Respect badge, with their Anti-Bullying Ambassadors leading the way across the school and community to champion diversity and inclusion and promoting equal rights for the nine protected characteristics.