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What is Children’s University?

Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. This is achieved by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside school.

At North Wootton Academy we offer a wide range of after-school activities from Year 1 upwards. Every time a child attends an after school club the time they spend is logged on the club register. Each hour being one credit. Hours are banked and accumulate year-on-year.

Once children gain enough hours (See below) they will attend a Children’s University Graduation Ceremony. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the children’s many talents, skills and achievements in their learning beyond the school day.

Children's University Graduation Ceremonies Gallery

Certificates start with a Bronze Award for 30 hours of CU Learning Activities and go up to a Gold Fellowship Award for 1,000 hours! Children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of learning opportunities and to broaden their experience, so there is a cap of 100 hours per club.

  Bronze Level Silver Level Gold Level (Graduation level)
Awards Bronze Award (30 hours) Silver Award (65 hours) Gold Award (100 hours)
  Bronze Certificate (130 hours) Silver Certificate (165 hours) Gold Certificate (200 hours)
  Bronze Diploma (230 hours) Silver Diploma (265 hours) Gold Diploma (300 hours)
  Bronze Degree (330 hours) Silver Degree (365 hours) Gold Degree (400 hours)
  Bronze Postgraduate Award (430 hours) Silver Postgraduate Award (465 hours) Gold Postgraduate Award (500 hours)
  Bronze Postgraduate Certificate (530 hours) Silver Postgraduate Certificate (565 hours) Gold Postgraduate Certificate (600 hours)
  Bronze Postgraduate Diploma (630 hours) Silver Postgraduate Diploma (665 hours) Gold Postgraduate Diploma (700 hours)
  Bronze Postgraduate Masters Degree (730 hours) Silver Postgraduate Masters Degree (765 hours) Gold Postgraduate Masters Degree (800 hours)
  Bronze Doctorate (830 hours) Silver Doctorate (865 hours) Gold Doctorate (900 hours)
  Bronze Fellowship (930 hours) Silver Fellowship (965 hours) Gold Fellowship (100 hours)

 Do other clubs that the children attend count – not school ones?

Credits can be earned by attending other clubs, but they must have been accredited by Children’s University and will be on a list of CU Learning Destinations which can be viewed on the Children’s University website. 

To log the hours attended at a CU Learning Destination you will need a Passport to Learning in which to record participation in the activities taken part in beyond the classroom.

Passport to Learning can be purchased from the School Office or on Scopay for £5. 

Do any other activities count?

Many museums and places of interest where the children extend their learning are recognised CU Learning Destinations – just check the list and take your Passport along to be stamped or signed. 

Children's University Learning Destinations in Norfolk

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