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Governance and Trustees

North Wootton Academy is part of the Eastern Multi Academy Trust and the Academy and its Governing Body are responsible to the Trust’s Board of Directors. Senior EMAT staff work closely with the academy to provide challenge and support and as such, provide overall accountability for the quality of provision in place.

The Trust’s Trustees can be found here.

Annual Reports and Accounts

In addition, the EMAT Trust provides and governs the financial structures in which the Academy operates. Annual reports and accounts for North Wootton Academy and Eastern Multi Academy Trust can be found here.

Local Governance - Academy Council

In addition, to the Trust Governance, the school also has a local governing body called the Academy Council. Generally, this is comprised of parents, past and present, and other volunteers who provide an essential role in holding the Academy and Trust to account. As a school, we are very fortunate to have the support of these individuals.

Generally, Academy Council members meet for North Wootton Academy and their attendance records can be found here.

Our register of business and pecuniary interests can be found here.