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Results from Statutory Assessments

Throughout all year groups, assessments are made as objective measures of progress and attainment for our pupils. These are used to support teacher judgements and identify areas where additional support may be needed. 

In addition, schools are required to complete statutory assessments at key stages of the pupils' schooling which allow comparable data in relation to other schools - more information on this can be found in the 'Performance Data and OFSTED' section.

However, the table below provides a detailed breakdown of the school's latest achievement within the national testing process. The 2018/19 represents the last year of standardised assessments that were able to be taken and enable a direct comparison to schools nationally. In each subject, the school is measured on the percentage of children reaching the expected level, those working at a higher level (Greater Depth) and in some areas of Year 6, the average score (with 100 being the passmark) and the average progress of pupils since their last assessments in Year 2.

Due to the 2019/2020 National Lockdown, these levels were assessed directly by teachers in some subjects using internal assessments and therefore no national comparison or progress data is possible.

                    Year 6                       NWA  18/19         National 18/19 Teacher Assessed 19/20
Expected level in Reading 84% 73% 86%
Greater Depth in Reading 36% 27% 48%
Average Scaled Score 106 104  
Average Progress 3.4    
Expected level in Mathematics 91% 79% 86%
Greater Depth in Mathematics 34% 27% 41%
Average Scaled Score 107 105  
Average Progress +3.3    
Expected level in Writing 82% 78% 80%
Greater Depth in Writing 20% 20% 20%
Average Scaled Score NA    
Average Progress +1.2    
Expected level in GPS 84% 78%  
Greater Depth in GPS 45% 36%  
Average Scaled Score 108 106  
%  achieving expected level in R/W/M 73% 65% 86%
%  achieving Greater Depth in R/W/M 20% 11% 27%

In addition, assessing the level of achievement at the end of primary education, assessments are also taken in Year 2. In the main, these are teacher assessed with some formal testing used to support judgement

                     Year 2                      NWA  18/19         National 18/19 Teacher Assessed 19/20
Expected level in Reading 76% 75% 75%
Greater Depth in Reading 26% 25% 26%
Expected level in Mathematics 81% 76% 76%
Greater Depth in Mathematics 24% 22% 25%
Expected level in Writing 74% 69% 70%
Greater Depth in Writing 19% 15% 15%

In Key Stage 1, the Year 1 pupils are also formally assessed for their phonic knowledge. Below, is the information for 2018/2019 and 2019/20; however, due to the National Lockdown, the later assessment was only completed in the autumn term and therefore national comparison data has yet to be released. 

           Year 1           

 NWA  18/19  

National 18/19 NWA 19/20 National 29/20 
Phonics 91% 82% 92% TBA

Finally, our Reception pupils are assessed each year against a series of Early Learning Goals, a core set of which need to be achieved in order to view as achieving a Good Level of Development (GLD); the results of which can be seen below:


 NWA  18/19  

National 18/19 NWA 19/20
% achieving GLD          71%          72%       71%


Previous data can be reviewed by clicking on the link below: