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Science at North Wootton Academy


Through teaching Science, we aim to provide our pupils with the foundations to understand the world around them.

At North Wootton Academy, Science is about enabling our pupils to experience and observe phenomena in the natural and man-made world.  They are encouraged to be curious, ask questions about what they observe and should be helped to understand scientific ideas by using different types of enquiry to answer their own questions.


Early Years Foundation Stage and Year One:

Exploration is vital to learning Science and in the EYFS and Year One at North Wootton Academy Science should be a practical experience.

EYFS Assessment and evidence gathering:

The Specific Area of Understanding the World in the Early Years Foundation Stage contains the Science objectives which should be covered.  Pupils should be learning scientific knowledge and vocabulary and ‘working scientifically’ appropriate to their developmental age.  Evidence will be kept in several places:  Tapestry, Floor books, wall displays and within our Science folder on Google Drive.

Year One to Year 6 Science Curriculum:

Year One – Year 6 should be following the National Curriculum and specifically the Academy Curriculum established in September, 2019.

All years should plan six practical investigations per year (one per half term) in which children build on practical skills.

Evidence of work for Years Two to Six should be in children’s Science books.  Specific evidence of working toward, expected and greater depth should also be stored within the Evidence File on Google Drive.  This evidence should be dated and given a grading.


All year groups have Rising Stars test booklets which correspond to the units taught.  These tests should be used at the beginning and end of a unit of work to show progress.  Mid unit tests may be carried out.  Results from these tests are recorded onto an excel spreadsheet of Science Knowledge in One Drive.

The Markbook records skill progression in each year group.

Achieving Greater Depth in Science:

Children are given the opportunity to show their knowledge and skills at this level each half term.  The children are given materials and some criteria but then are allowed to work independently.  Teachers should look for scientific skills and language being used at a level greater than expected.  Feedback and next steps can be given.

Key Knowledge

Science Knowledge Year 1 & 2

Science Knowledge Year 3 & 4

Science Knowledge Year 5 & 6

Key Progression

Whole School Science Progression


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