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The foundation of any successful school is the development of a clear understanding about what we are trying to achieve. This 'mission' needs to be shared by all those who will help contribute towards your child's education and therefore all staff and parents need to have a shared understanding of this so that we can work as a TEAM to achieve the same outcome for each of our pupils.


Our mission can be seen as preparing our children for a successful future in Norfolk through academic strength, respect for the world around them and an expectation that they need to contribute towards making this better. In short, we are looking to create 'Leaders for Lynn'.


In trying to achieve this, the school wishes to model and instil a core set of values throughout the school to help guide the actions of those within it and again provide a shared understanding of what this may look like in every day life as follows:

  • Transform – to understand their responsibility in maintaining and changing the school and wider environment for the better
  • Empower – to give the children the knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful by themselves
  • Aspire – to place no limit on what they wish to achieve
  • Motivation – to understand that success is based upon the effort that is given
  • Wonder – to appreciate the world around them and ask questions about it
  • Open-minded – to be accepting of others, their actions and their ideas
  • Respect – to treat others how you wish to be treated
  • Kindness – to consider the feelings of others before their own

Whilst each of the values has individual importance, our overarching aim is to ensure our pupils understand that a successful life in a successful world has to involve T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. in which everyone must contribute and support each other to enable the success of all.