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parent letters and information

Spring 2022 - Year 5-6 Parent Information

Welcome back Year 5 & 6 Parents and Carers,

The spring term is always one of the busiest of the school year as we try to squeeze as much in to the shortest number of weeks as we can. The included curriculum overview highlights the topic areas that we aim to cover during this time; however, with the current COVID climate, these may be altered slightly as some are better taught online than others.

With just 14 weeks until the Year 6 SAT tests, the staff will begin to increase their focus on these. The children can become a little anxious about them, but this can be addressed through practice and revision; this builds familiarity and confidence, ultimately, allowing the pupils to show their full ability.

During the school day, much of this will take place on Thursday mornings, when the Year 5s are swimming. This began yesterday, and we would like to say a big well done to Oak and Juniper children who performed brilliantly at the pool despite some understandable nerves.

Beyond the school day, we have continued with booster sessions today for those who need some specific support. At this point, we are inviting key children to ensure that we are pitching these sessions correctly and therefore, the pace of these sessions are not suitable for all. After February half-term, we will be offering booster mornings to all children, where any can attend, and we would highly recommend that they do, if they can.

One final note is to say that Mr Blackmur will be returning from his paternity after next week. We would like to thank Mrs Want for taking such great care of the class over the last month, and we hope to see her again in the near future.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this term, please speak with your class teacher or contact me via the school office.


James Grimsby


Spring 2022 - Year 5-6 Curriculum Overview

Spring 2022 - Year 3-4 Parent Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back into the Spring Term in Year 3-4.Your children coped remarkably well in Autumn during the current pandemic, and we are all very proud of them.

In the Spring term, our aim remains for learning to be appropriately challenging and fun. The school’s TEAMWORK values help us also overcome current challenges. With this in mind, here is some information that you will need about the classes and routines for this term. Much of it remains the same, but it is important to note that this is still subject to change as a result of ‘safety first’ and educational guidelines.
The priority remains to make our children as safe as possible. Since September, we are no longer required to have bubbles, but we will continue to mostly restrict mixing of classes. Our playground is split into two halves, one for each year group. This means your child can play with another child who is in the same year group but not the same class. We know this makes many of your children happy to see their friends again!
Equipment and items brought in
Physical contact with items is still to be minimised though, increasingly, we are using more teaching resources. Children need not bring in their own equipment for class. We will provide this. They should still remember their lunch, healthy snack, coat, hat and/or sun cream. Most children have a locker to keep these in. Water in bottles are kept in class.
Water Container
Hand sanitizer to be used upon entry and exit and handwashing stations will be outside for other times.
Lining Up
Classes still have a lining up order based on who they sit next to in class.
The curriculum details for the term are attached.
Staff will be checking these are healthy in line with school policy.
To be eaten sitting around class tables in the junior hall.
Pupils should bring in their homework folder every Wednesday. It is suggested they keep their online passwords in there. The children need to remain familiar with these sites should we go into lockdown again.
Three sets of homework (Maths, Spellings and Grammar) will be given out every Wednesday starting from Wednesday 12th January 2022.Maths homework will normally be calculation based and the spelling and grammar homework will be appropriate to their age-related curriculum expectations. There are still websites that we use as options for some of the homework eg. Mathfactspro for helping to learn multiplication facts, Edshed to help learn spellings and ReadTheory to help with reading at the appropriate level.

The Ancient Greek homework topic morning when children brought in their special homework project or task was a great success. Although we held it outside, it was great to see your children’s creativity and obvious pride displaying and discussing their work will not only all ¾ classes but also all of the Year 5/6 - a true celebration of work! More information will follow about this term’s similar project about Spring Term work very shortly.
Children are encouraged to read at home 5 times a week.

Free readers are given a guided reading book and told up to which page they are expected to read by the following Wednesday. They are expected to summarise each day’s reading in note form in their reading records similar to the example they have stuck in their reading records.

Non-free readers are expected to read as much as they can daily. They will soon be bringing sheets home that help them sound out and practice words that they found tricky in school.
The library is open again. Your child should have already brought home their book. These can be changed every other Thursday starting Thursday13th January 2022.

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check (Online Test in School)

This is a statutory government test that our Year 4’s - and other Year 4’s nationally – will take around June 2022. We will provide more information about this during the next two terms. For now, we ask that you please encourage your child to practise their times tables up to their 12 times tables. Mathfactspro is a super website because it is online learning very similar to how the test in June will look online.

It remains important for our Year 3’s to also practice their age-appropriate times tables which aids their transition into Year 4 routines and practises next year.
Physical Education
This is every Tuesday. If your child is too unwell to complete PE, please send in a signed note to inform the class teacher. Children should come to school dressed ready for PE but will need to be wearing a named North Wootton shirt and hoody. For those without North Wootton PE clothing, they will still be able to get changed at school; however, they will miss some of the PE session in doing so. Please remember that the children will be outside whenever possible and therefore a spare pair of socks would be advised on wet days.
Year 3’s will go in the Summer term.

Hopefully, you will find this information useful. The general timetable is provided separately along with the curriculum overview details.
If you have any queries about the above, please contact the office, although it is sometimes possible now to catch the appropriate class teacher at the end of the day.
Your support continues to help us help your children who are always our first priority. Here’s to a fantastic Spring Term!


Miss M. Buschman

Deputy Principal/Years ¾ Phase Leader
Maple Class Teacher

Year 3-4 Class Timetable

Spring 2022 - Year 3-4 Curriculum Overview


Spring 2022 - Year 1-2 Parent Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to welcome you and your children back to school for a new year and a new term. We trust that you all had a restful break.

Whilst much of the learning and procedures will continue as they were before Christmas there are a few reminders that we would like to make.


All three classes will continue to do P.E. on a Monday afternoon. They will need to come to school wearing their P.E. kit. Please make sure that your child has suitable clothing for outdoor lessons, as I fear we will have more challenging weather to come as the term progresses. May we also ask that trainers only have laces if your child is able to tie them for his/herself. This also applies to school shoes, except in exceptional circumstances.


Homework will continue to play an important part in your children`s learning. The use of individual reading books is vital for Key Stage 1 children and we ask that you read with your child at least four times a week for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Short daily sessions are often more effective than one long session and we find that the children who do read every day make more progress. There will continue to be a quarantine system set up so that books will have at least seventy-two hours between users. Please record the book/pages your child has read with you in the `Reading Record` book along with any other comments you would like to make.

We would also ask that your child completes the following online learning each week. Logins have been re-sent, any problems please contact the office staff who are best placed to sort technical problems.

Spelling is proving to be an area of concern for many children and the more they can access Spelling Shed the quicker they will be able to progress.

We will be increasing the teaching of tables in school this term and this will need to be reinforced using the online resource in order to maximise progress. Initially the children will be learning the two, five and ten times tables and the associated division facts.

Spelling Shed - Spellings will be uploaded weekly, and we ask for at least three games be played online. Testing spellings will take place regularly in school.

Raz Kids - This is an online reading scheme. We ask that your child reads on this system for 15 minutes a week or when they are waiting to change their individual reading book.

Tackling Tables - We ask that your child uses this resource for 30 minutes a week. Initially learn the X2, X10 and X5 tables. Then progress to X3 for Year 2 children.


As a school we like to promote an `open door` policy, and we are pleased that parents are once again be able to access the school site. We appreciate that you may at times need to give the staff a message. The best way to do this continues to be by email or by telephoning the office. If you do need to speak briefly to the teacher, we would again ask that you wait away from the main line of parents until all the children have been collected. This allows a free flow of children and enables any conversations to be more private.

Please find the separate curriculum overview to see what we will be learning about this term.

We look forward to a successful 2022.


Mrs Saddleton, Mrs Leader, Mrs Salmons (January 2022)

Spring 2022 - Year 1-2 Curriculum Overview

Spring 2022 - Reception Parent Information

Dear Parent / Carers,

Welcome back to school after, what I hope was, a fantastic and well deserved Christmas break. I hope your child has settled back into school after their first week back.

For the first half of the term, up until February half-term, our learning will be based upon two topics: Transport: Past and Present and Kings and Queens. After February half-term, our learning will be based upon Animal Babies, Growing and Change. Please see the attached curriculum summary document.

Continued support from home is really beneficial for your child’s learning. Therefore, we would like these home learning activities to be carried on:

Reading – Now that your child has completed a third of their first year at school, it is absolutely imperative that your child is reading their two school reading books to you. We appreciate it isn’t always possible to read daily therefore, our expectation is that they read at least 4 out of the 7 days. If they achieve this, they will receive a reading certificate on a Monday. Reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday.

In addition to this, your child has access to an online reading platform called ‘Raz-Kids’. Their login details are in the front of their reading record, and you also received a print out of your child’s login details just before Christmas. Please have a look at this online reading material in addition to the two reading books from school.

Spelling & Maths Shed –Miss Broughton and I will continue to set Maths and Spelling Shed assignments, respectively. These will be weekly assignments running from Monday 3:30pm until Friday 7:30pm.

We are continuing Forest Schools on a Tuesday afternoon, so please make sure your child has the warmest school uniform on for this as February and March can be particularly cold months. Acorns will be taking part in Forest School up until February half-term and then Conkers will take part in Forest School from February half-term until Easter.

Miss Bond will now teach ‘Balanceabilty – Bike Skills’ on a Friday afternoon to both Acorns and Conkers class as a carousel while Miss Broughton teaches Geography/History to both classes.

PE continues to be taught on a Wednesday afternoon by Mr Smalls and Mrs Rix.

Thank you very much for your continued support. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Miss Broughton.

Best wishes,

Miss Bond - (EYFS) Phase Leader

Reception Class Timetable

Spring 2022 - Reception  Class Curriculum Overview